Software development

AVidia has developed different desktop applications for AV-professionals where ShowTimer and ShowCalibrator are used for advanced show planning and production at executive meetings and conferences.

For planning the AVidia ShowCalibrator feature is a tool for calculating dimensions and easy production of line-up slides as AV-specialists are often challenged by unforeseen events when working in the field. So with AVidia’s software tools you can quickly and efficiently adapt to conditions at different locations.

For controlling the meeting the AVidia ShowTimer is a versatile timer application with a lot of features easing interaction between the technical team and the presenters.

AVidia’s ShowPointer application is the digital alternative to the traditional laserpointer for events with multiple presentation screens.

All functionalities are based on a wide experience working in the digital and audiovisual industry that being consultancy, event productions and online presentations for corporate and public events.

Beside AV-applications AVidia has developed systems for maritime use, art installations and e-learning.

Please notice that all AV-software packages from AVidia require either Windows 7 or 10 (no Mac versions are/will be available). Linux versions are optional for some of the applications.