AVidia is an AV-consulting facilitator providing independent advisory, technical event management and support for events, installations, digital media projects, conferences, exhibitions, live streaming and software development.

We are specialized in display technologies and streaming media as well as a wide range of solutions for unified communication and video production.

Our services comprise :

  • Executive conference management
  • AV advisory for permanent installations
  • Site survey, analysis, RFP material and vendor dialogue
  • Technical event planning and project management
  • Show production and show calling
  • Live webcasting studios
  • Visual conceptualization
  • Watchout and Analog Way programming
  • On-demand video archiving
  • Development of utilities and show interfaces

The following are some of the key aspects we handle:

  • User requirement analysis
  • Establishing a transparent foundation for key decisions
  • Clarifications of solution options and alternatives
  • Establishing detailed budgets and time schedules
  • Concept designs adapted to architectural conditions and interior designs
  • Detailed design, system specification, interface and integration with IT, AC-power, ventilation, building automation etc
  • Project coordination with architect, engineering team, main contractor and other project stakeholders
  • Detailing URS, User Requirement Specification for tender process
  • Establishing framework for AV-deliveries, technical and commercial conditions, time schedules and deadlines
  • Tender process, contract negotiations
  • On-site supervision of AV-project implementation, coordination with construction site management
  • Test, commissioning, hand-over and as-built documentation scrutiny
  • Project economy management, project finalisation and closure

For more information please send us a message at https://avidia.dk/kontakt/